Aalto shelf

The Aalto Shelf is designed to hold the Aalto 251mm vase in order to allow flowers to be wall mounted and kept out of reach of small children and animals. Made to fit the contours of the 251mm Aalto vase. As the vessel is hand blown into a mold, its organic yet regular tapered shape can be used as a way of suspending the vase from a single horizontal plane.

Vase sold separately

Carefully constructed from a mix of timbers, with a fine waxed surface finish and attached to the wall with a bespoke mounting bracket, the Aalto Shelf has been designed to become both a permanent fixture in the home, as well as an object you can take with you as you move over the years.

Waxed ash, Powder coated steel
Product dimensions
61 x 27 x 16 cm
Packadging dimensions
62 x 40 x 30 cm

7 Kg

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